Welcome to the electromagnetic shielding Technical Steering Committee
ESMMC Second Asia annual meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia closed (April 2013)
ESMMC electromagnetic shielding Technical Management Committee Second Asia Annual Conference April 22 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia successfully closed. General Assembly adopted the "ESMMC Kuala Lumpur Declaration" and the examination and approval of a number of new institutions and experts to ESMMC Asia director of the board and co-lists. Electromagnetic shielding technology management committee presidency in Asia, Singapore Institute of Information Technology (Information Technology Institute) Mr. Li Mingzhao speech at the closing ceremony of the annual meeting of the outcome of the meeting and made ??a concluding statement. He stressed that the participating countries and regional research institutions, laboratories, scholars, experts, organizations, etc., within Asia electromagnetic radiation environment had a profound exchange, we focus on the exchange of information of mutual interest and technical assistance issues, a in-depth discussions and exchange, put forward many constructive comments and suggestions, and reached broad consensus and achieved fruitful results. It is reported from Asia more than 30 countries and regions on behalf of more than 230 scientific research institutions, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs attended the two-day session of the annual meeting. At the meeting, the Committee commissioned the Asian region, the international laboratory testing radiation suit some civilian products were detected results of the public.

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