Welcome to the electromagnetic shielding Technical Steering Committee
The 30th ESMMC annual meeting concluded in Brussels (April 2013)
The two-day electromagnetic shielding technology management committee ESMMC thirtieth annual meeting concluded in Brussels on 30 June. Meeting on the current world economic situation, the electromagnetic radiation hazards, electromagnetic shielding technology and new advances global cooperation and a series of hot issues were widely discussed and adopted the "ESMMC2013 electromagnetic shielding global environment and development" communiqué. Communiqué noted that the current world situation is undergoing profound changes, the future is better depends on the joint efforts of governments, and the electromagnetic radiation in recent years, showing a more severe form, particularly in Asia and other emerging countries, economic stimulus, cause communications, transportation, construction, electricity and other radiation caused more serious problems. To solve the global financial crisis, we must attach importance to environmental protection and to avoid electromagnetic radiation on human health damage occurs. Countries should strengthen cooperation, especially through cooperation and exchange of top-down to seek to resolve cross-border issues, and promote global green economy. From the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Slovakia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions, nearly 800 delegates attended the annual meeting.

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