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What are typical maximum exposure levels at home and in the environment?
Some practical information will help you to relate to the international guideline values given above. In the following table you will find the most common sources of electromagnetic fields. All values are maximum levels of public exposure – your own exposure is likely to be much lower. For a closer look at field levels around individual electrical appliances, please see the section Typical exposure levels at home and in the environment.
SourceTypical maximum public exposure
Electric field (V/m)Magnetic flux density (μT)
Natural fields20070 (Earth's magnetic field)
Mains power(in homes not close to power lines)1000.2
Mains power(beneath large power lines)1000020
Electric trains and trams30050
TV and computer screens(at operator position)100.7
 Typical maximum public exposure (W/m2)
TV and radio transmitters0.1
Mobile phone base stations0.1
Microwave ovens0.5

Source: WHO Regional Office for Europe

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